Can Goats Eat Cedar Chips

Can Goats Eat Cedar Chips? Is It Safe?

No, goats should not eat cedar chips as they are not safe for them. Cedar chips can contain toxic compounds that can be harmful to goats if ingested.

Choosing the right bedding material for goats is crucial for their health and comfort. While there are various options available, it is important to be aware of what goats should and should not eat. One such material that goats should avoid consuming is cedar chips.

While goats may naturally eat twigs, branches, and bark, consuming cedar chips can be harmful to their well-being. Cedar chips can contain toxic compounds that are not suitable for goat consumption.

Therefore, it is important to consider alternative bedding materials that are safe and beneficial for goats. We will explore the best bedding options for goats, emphasizing the importance of selecting materials that promote their health and overall well-being.

Are Cedar Chips Safe For Goats?

Goats’ natural diet includes twigs, branches, and bark, so it’s not uncommon for them to eat cedar chips if they’re not provided with other woody materials. Cedar shavings are commonly used as bedding for goats due to their absorbent nature and ability to prevent pests.

However, there are concerns about goats eating cedar and its potential harm. Cedar and junipers produce plant defense chemicals called terpenes, which can be harmful to some goats if they are unable to tolerate and digest them.

While cedar chips can be used as goat pen bedding, they may not be as cost-effective as other options. It’s important to consider the potential risks and benefits before deciding to use cedar as goat bedding.

The Debate On Cedar Chips As Goat Bedding

When it comes to the debate on whether goats can eat cedar chips, the answer is a bit complicated. Cedar chips and shavings are highly absorbent and can help prevent pests in goat pens. However, they should not be used as goat bedding for various reasons.

Firstly, goats are more apt to eat the cedar shavings, which can lead to potential health issues. Secondly, cedar chips can be expensive and not as cost-effective as other bedding options. Fortunately, there are alternative goat bedding options to consider, such as straw, pine shavings, or wood chips.

These options provide comfort for the goats without posing any potential risks. Overall, while cedar chips may have their benefits, it is wise to opt for safer and more suitable goat bedding options.

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Can Goats Eat Cedar?

can cause skin irritation or respiratory issues in some animals. It is important to note that while some goats may be able to tolerate and digest cedar and junipers, not all goats can do so. These plants produce terpenes as a defense mechanism to ward off grazers.

Goats that are genetically able to tolerate and digest these terpenes can actually help control the invasion of eastern red cedar trees.

However, it is crucial to avoid using cedar chips as goat bedding, as they can pose risks to their health. Cedar shavings and chips are highly absorbent and may prevent pests, but they should not be used as bedding material for various reasons.

It is best to opt for alternative bedding options that are safe and cost-effective for goats.

Frequently Asked Questions On Can Goats Eat Cedar Chips

Are Cedar Chips Good For Goats?

No, cedar chips are not recommended for goats as bedding material. Goats may eat cedar chips, which can be harmful to them. It is best to use alternatives like pine shavings or straw for goat bedding.

Can Goats Eat Cedar?

Goats should not eat cedar chips because they are poisonous to them. Stick to safer bedding options like pine shavings or straw.

Are Cedar Chips Safe For Animals?

Cedar chips should not be used as bedding for goats. Though goats may eat straw bedding, it’s the same case with cedar chips. Cedar shavings or chips can be harmful if ingested by goats. Stick to safer options like pine shavings or straw for goat bedding.

What Is The Best Bedding To Use For Goats?

The best bedding for goats is either pine shavings or straw. Pine shavings are absorbent but expensive, while straw is cheaper and easier to remove. Avoid using cedar chips as goats tend to eat them and they can be harmful.


While goats may be willing to consume cedar chips, it is not recommended as bedding material. Cedar chips can potentially be harmful to goats due to the plant defense chemicals they contain. Pine shavings or straw are better alternatives for goat bedding, as they are safer and more cost-effective options.

Remember to prioritize the well-being of your goats when selecting bedding materials.

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