Can Goats Eat Privet

Can Goats Eat Privet? (Read After Feed)

Goats can eat privet, as it is not toxic to them or other grazing livestock. Privet is often used as a forage option for goats and can help control its growth.

Privet is a commonly grown evergreen shrub that is often used as a garden hedge plant. While it may be toxic to dogs in large doses, it is safe for goats and other grazing animals to consume. Goats readily graze on privet, and it can be used as a forage option for them.

However, it is important to note that privet has alkaloids, which are mildly toxic and can accumulate in the body over time. Therefore, it is recommended to provide goats with a privet-free grazing area periodically to prevent buildup.

We will explore the relationship between goats and privet, discussing its suitability as a forage option, potential risks, and precautionary measures.

Goats And Privet: A Surprising Combination

Goats can readily graze privet and it can be used as a grazing option for them. There are two main types of privet: Ligustrum sinense and L. japonicum. While L. japonicum has larger and thicker leaves, L. sinense is more common in the Midsouth. Both types can be found across the United States.

It is important to note that privet contains alkaloids which, although only mildly toxic, can be cumulative. If you have goats grazing on privet, it is recommended to also provide them with areas that are privet-free to prevent any potential health issues.Privet is not toxic enough to cause problems for goats even in small quantities. However, if you are drinking their milk, privet can be poisonous for humans. So, if you plan on consuming the milk, it is not recommended to feed the goats privet.Overall, privet can be a beneficial grazing option for goats as long as proper precautions are taken to ensure their health and safety.

Myth Debunked: Goats And Privet

Privet’s Non-poisonous Nature For Goats

Contrary to popular belief, goats can safely graze on privet. Privet, scientifically known as Ligustrum, is a shrub with small leaves commonly found in the United States.

While privet may contain alkaloids, they are only minorly toxic and not harmful to goats. Therefore, privet can be a suitable food source for goats without posing any health risks.

Privet’s Compatibility With Goat Milk Consumption

Although privet is safe for goats, it is important to note that if you consume goat milk, it is advised to avoid drinking the milk of goats that have consumed privet.

Privet leaves can be poisonous to humans, and the toxins can transfer to the milk. It is recommended to graze goats in privet-free areas or provide alternative food sources when relying on their milk for consumption.

Testimonials And Experiences From Goat Owners

Many goat owners have reported using privet as a grazing option for their goats without any adverse effects. This eco-friendly approach not only helps control privet growth but also provides goats with a diverse diet.

However, it is always recommended to consult with a veterinarian or experienced goat owner before introducing any new food sources to your goats.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Can Goats Eat Privet

Will Goats Eat Privet Hedge?

Yes, goats can eat privet hedge. Privet is not toxic to goats and they readily graze on it for control.

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Do Animals Eat Privet?

Yes, animals such as goats and birds eat privet, but it is toxic to dogs in large doses. Privet provides food and cover for small birds and other animals.

Are Privets Poisonous To Goats?

Privets are mildly poisonous to grazing livestock like goats and can be harmful if consumed in large quantities. It is best to avoid feeding privet to goats to prevent any potential health issues.

Is Privet Poisonous To Animals?

Privet is toxic to animals. It is an evergreen shrub commonly used as a garden hedge plant. All parts of the plant are poisonous to dogs in large quantities, and can cause gastrointestinal upset. Large doses can be fatal. However, goats are known to readily graze on privet and can be used for control.


Goats can eat privet without any major issues. Although privet is not toxic to goats, it is important to note that privet leaves may cause mild poisoning for humans if consumed through goat milk. Therefore, caution should be exercised if you plan on drinking their milk.

Overall, goats can be a natural and effective means of controlling privet in certain areas.

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